Overcoming Negative Emotions | Apr 13 – May 18

Without delusions there would be no suffering, only happiness. These minds are the root cause of all unpleasant feelings and pain that we experience throughout our life. From Buddha's teachings we can learn to identify these minds, subdue them and eventually overcome them altogether. In this way we can find the peace and happiness that we long for. With Resident Teacher Gen Drolkyi.

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The Healing Power of Meditation Retreat | Apr 24

Imagine a day all to yourself to be at peace and engage in healing meditations. We all deserve this from time to time, to give ourselves the experience of how peaceful our mind can be. These extraordinary meditations, taken from the mind training teachings, combine developing compassion with visualisation and give us special power of mind to purify our own and others suffering. Join us for this special event with international guest teacher Gen Kelsang Devi.

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