Group & School Visits

We welcome many local schools and other groups to the peaceful setting of Kadampa Meditation Centre Glasgow. Groups come for guided tours of our beautiful meditation centre and talks on meditation and the Buddhist way of life.

The centre is open to everyone and we are always happy to arrange visits and tours of the centre. Alternatively, if more convenient, we can send one of our students or teachers to your school or group to guide meditation sessions and give talks on how to integrate meditation and other practical methods into daily life.

Meditation Session at Creative Scotland

“The sessions are soothing, relaxing and peaceful. I have learnt something now which I think would hold me and work in a positive way by continuing with sessions like this” – Jackie McNally

“The sessions we have had in the office have been very beneficial and I am more relaxed and energised after I take part in them.“ – Y. Laddell


Psychology Students from the Danish Institute for Study Abroad

”Thank you for your time, energy and enthusiasm. You have provided an educational and engaging experience for our students and we greatly appreciate your participation. Looking forward to future visits!” – The Psychology Department, DIS

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