Next Event: Summer Love | June 11 - 27

Learn to Meditate | Mar 10

Learn simple meditations which can be practised at home or any time you need a break from busy daily life. These meditations will help you let go of stress, tension and worry and develop a calm and peaceful mind. Applying the methods taught will lead to happiness, a sense of purpose and harmony in your relationships.

Free – £12.00

Growing Through Adversity | Mar 12 – 28

In this course, Gen Kelsang Sherab and Arthur Calnan will explain and guide meditations on the astonishing practice known as ‘transforming adverse conditions into the path’. This is the practice we all need right now. Through this training, rather than feeling discouraged by all the problems and pain we see around us, and within us, we discover a capacity to turn that negativity on its head, and to actually use it to empower our mind.

Free – £15.00

Karma & The Power to Change | Mar 24

Through learning about the law of karma and applying this knowledge in our daily life, we can transform all of our actions and choices into the path of happiness and good fortune. Join us for a thought-provoking course on this fundamental principle that shapes the Buddhist worldview.

Free – £15.00

The Wheel of Life Movie & Course | Apr 5 & 6

This event will present a movie, special teachings and guided meditations that help us to gain practical insights on the path to liberation that we can use in a practical way in our everyday life. With Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Sherab.

Free – £20.00

Meditations for Relaxation | Apr 9 – May 2

On this course you will learn three forms of breathing meditation that help to calm the mind, reduce stress, and give rise to an experience of inner peace and wellbeing. Suitable for all levels of experience, everyone welcome.

Free – £20.00

Nyungnay Purifying Ritual Practice | Apr 14 & 15

Join us for this in-depth, powerful purification and fasting retreat to celebrate Buddha's Enlightenment. Beginning each day with Mahayana Precepts at 7am, we will then engage in beautiful praises and prostrations to Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. Please contact us for more info about this retreat and the fasting involved. Thank you.

Free – £35.00

Positive Mental Health | Apr 20

By learning to harness the power of inner peace in meditation we can start to strengthen our mental health each and every day – empowering our mind with calm, positivity and resilience. This insightful course is suitable for all levels of experience.

Free – £15.00

Inner Peace Urban Retreat | May 3 – 5

Take a break! Enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and relax into a calm, spacious mind with three types of breathing meditation on this urban retreat weekend.

Free – £30.00

Self Esteem, An Inspiring Talk | May 9

Join us for an illuminating talk with guest teacher Gen Kelsang Dornying, and explore how it is possible to generate and remain anchored in strong, resilient and fearless states of mind, cultivating a sense of confidence that is authentic and unshakeable!

Free – £10.00

Becoming a Loving Person | May 18

Loving one another is a skill we can develop that everyone can learn and practice. It brings happiness and good feelings into the world, so it's important for our own peace of mind and for world peace in general. Let’s learn the skill and just do it!

Free – £15.00