Life Without Regrets | July 6, 13, 20, 27

In this series we will take a step back and consider what beliefs and assumptions underlie our daily life and consider the incredible opportunities this life affords us, despite, and in some ways, because of its challenges. We will describe what wisdom truly is, how it solves our problems, and how to develop it. With wisdom we can truly live without regret.

Finding Balance | Aug 19, 26, Sept 2, 9

This course explains how to find inner enjoyment and balance using meditation, which is important because it allows us to deal comfortably with changes in people and circumstances around us. Often our mind is difficult to control and our thoughts are blown here and there like a balloon. By training in these meditations we develop an inner space and clarity that enables us to develop mental equilibrium, a balanced mind that is always happy despite the ever-changing circumstances of our life.

From Confusion to Clarity | Aug 24, 31, Sept 7, 14

This course based on How to Understand the Mind, will introduce meditators to the stages we need to pass through to realise a meditation object. In the beginning our perception is unclear or confused but through study and meditation our perception becomes clearer and leads us to a deep and joyful understanding of hidden truths that will eliminate our confusion.