Life & Death | 7, 14, 21 July

Join us for a new ongoing series on Life & Death from a Buddhist perspective, based on Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's book 'Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully'. The classes will help us to live a happy and meaningful life, prepare for our death, and help others who are dying.

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Freedom From Painful Feelings | 9, 16 & 23 July

On this course learn simple techniques to let go of painful feelings such as worry, anxiety, loneliness and anger and how to cultivate positive and peaceful states of mind that allow us to truly enjoy our life.

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Breaking Bad Habits | 18 July

Our bad habits can cause us pain and suffering and can hurt those around us too. Through Buddha's teachings we can learn to understand how and why we create compulsive patterns of behaviour and how to let go of them. Join us for this online special event with well-loved guest teacher Gen Kelsang Zamling.

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Essential Advice from the Heart | Aug 8

Inspired by our Summer Festival teachings, Gen Osung will give a summary to 'Advice from Atisha's Heart' - sublime, practical guidance to help us transform our ordinary life into a joyful path to deep inner peace for our own and others' benefit.

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Breaking Bad Habits 3 wk course | Aug 13, 20, 27

On this course 3 week course with Gen Osung, learn to replace negative mental patterns that keep us compulsively engaging in negative behaviours with positive ones that bring real mental peace, freedom, integrity and confidence. Everyone is welcome.

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Change Your Karma | Aug 15

On this audio meditation course with Gen Kelsang Machig, discover how through understanding the law of karma, we can create great changes in our lives, in our patterns and habits, leading to a deep happiness and joy.

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