Rest & Reflect Retreat | Sept 19

A rest and reflect retreat gives us a wonderful opportunity to stop, let go and recover vital energy. It is also a time to consider our ways of being, what is important for us and open our heart to beneficial changes. With Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Machig.

Get Tickets Free – £10

Inner Strength | Sept 26

In uncertain times everyone needs a special method to build inner strength and protection. On this course with guest teacher Gen Kelsang Tubchen, we will learn how to deepen our patience and compassion through 'taking', a special practice that helps us to develop true inner strength, resilience and unshakeable confidence.

Get Tickets Free – £15

Overcoming Stress | 1, 8, 15, 22 Oct

On this course with Gen Osung, a modern Buddhist nun and meditation teacher, we will explore special ways of thinking that help us to live life more lightly, let go of our stressed out minds and deal with our negative emotions more confidently and effectively.

Get Tickets Free – £20

Habits of Happy People | Oct 3

On this course we will explore through teachings and guided meditations how to cultivate the happy minds of contentment, gratitude, acceptance and joy. With Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Osung.

Get Tickets Free – £15.00

Healing Relationships | Oct 17

Whether it’s a temporary falling out with a loved one, or a long term break down in a relationship, learn how meditation and improving our mindfulness can help us heal all relationships. Join us for this special event with international guest teacher Kadam Adam Starr.

Get Tickets Free – £15.00