Next Event: Wisdom | May 17, 24, 31

Making Foes into Friends | May 12, 19, 26, June 2

This course looks at how to transform our adversaries into friends whose company we actually enjoy! It sounds like a tall order but is very do-able because Buddhism explains how to create friends using different ways of thinking and behaving. This brings very good results for us, protecting our mind from unhappiness and stress and increasing our feelings of wellbeing that come from such an open heart.

Wisdom | May 17, 24, 31

This course looks at Buddha’s teachings that explain how to improve our wisdom, understanding the nature of our world and the effects of our actions. We will also learn how to use these new insights in a practical way to avoid problems and confusion, and make our mind clear. In this way we will experience the clarity and purpose that wisdom brings to our life.

Clear Sky Mind Retreat | May 21

In this one-day urban retreat, we will be guided in deeply relaxing, spacious, and deceptively simple stages of meditation. Through this your mind will become progressively more subtle and peaceful, and you will experience a profound inner stillness and tranquillity that will benefit you in your daily life.

Heal Your Mind With Love | June 19

Join us for a special event with international guest teacher and Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Zamling. Love is a powerful medicine that is both healing and transformational. Explore different facets of Buddha’s beautiful teachings on love, and gain direct experience of them through clear, practical teachings and guided meditation. Everyone is welcome.

Finding Purpose | Jun 21, 28, Jul 5

Learn how to experience peace and happiness, while making the world a better place. Join us for an exploration of how to make the most of our human life!