The Path to Happiness | Sept 21 – Oct 19

Join us to learn a sequence of 'initial scope' meditations following the presentation in How to Understand the Mind, exploring basic Buddhist views on the path to enlightenment, with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Drolkyi. Everyone is welcome.

Dealing With Difficult People | Sept 16 – Oct 7

Dealing with those whom we perceive as difficult becomes an amazing opportunity to transform adverse conditions into our own spiritual development. Through meditation we can learn how to keep our cool and respond in a more constructive and balanced way. Tension lifts and a relaxed confidence arises in its place.

Developing Strength & Optimism | Oct 14, 21, 28, Nov 4

The meditations on this course will connect us to the natural joy within our mind and open us up to recognising and developing the potential for happiness, love and other good qualities that exist within each and every one of us. This empowers us with a sense of optimism for our future and an inner strength that will enable us to be of real benefit to our family, friends and everyone throughout the world.